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Lawyer Viviana Rabellino

Avvocato Viviana Rabellino

Plurilaureata with honors from the University of Genoa, Viviana Rabellino, registered at the Milan Bar Association has achieved, after university, various diplomas for participation in legal depth courses and masters (such as the master “of lawyers’ business “and” criminology, economic crimes, corporate crimes… “BUSINESS SCHOOL Sole 24 Ore), which make it a technically reliable professional and constantly updated.

After the first experiences as attorney general was devoted mainly to the issues of civil and commercial law in court and arbitration, as well as the criminal trial, now with a strong sole interest, both to the criminal law to criminal and financial law.

The Study of Viviana Rabellino collaborates with various national and international Legal studies in all fields of law, also to deal with any procedural requirement and domiciliation.

The Firm style is characterized by the maximum dialog with customers, with which he always comes order established a professional relationship based on listening skills, to provide a 360 degree support, both on the legal level and on a personal level.

Dostoevsky said that “there is nothing easier than to condemn an ​​evil, nothing more difficult than to understand it”; it is even more difficult to understand and empathize with those who have been wronged and the precise duty of a lawyer to fight for the right to justice and truth.

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Convegni Arkès s.a.s. Milano, 4 Luglio 2017 lettura guidata della nuova legge antiriciclaggio.


Master of “Il Sole 24 ore” Milan, Criminology, economic crimes, corporate financial and economic fraud crimes.


Supplementary course for specialist public defender in the criminal chamber of the Court of Milan.


Course Defender Office at the Criminal Chamber of the Court of Milan.

Specialization Course “Paradigm” in Milan, focused on anti-money laundering regulations.


Optime specialist training course at the Chamber of Commerce of Milan, focused on the tax aspects of share capital transactions, international taxation.

Optime specialist training course in Milan: the reduction of the share capital transactions.

Master of “Il Sole 24 ore” Milan business lawyer.


After obtaining the title of Civil and Judicial Conciliator Ombudsman.

Constitution of the Society of Lawyers in Madrid Swap.

specialized training course Optime: The demergers.

specialized training course Optime: The operations of the share capital reduction.

2011 – 2012

Degree from the University of Cordoba in Derecho Iternacional.

Master in Corporate Tax Law at Bocconi University – Milan.


The University of Genoa, a corporate lawyer with honors Title.

The University of Genoa, Specialized Degree in Law with honors.

The University of Genoa, Bachelor Degree in Legal Studies with honors.

2008 – 2009

I worked with the Inland Revenue Sanremo (Imperia) – detection area.



Financial Criminal

Judicial Conciliator
Civil and Criminal Ombudsman


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